Belts and hoses are critical but unsung auto parts. They keep many critical systems in your vehicle operating smoothly and consistently. Here at Prestige Auto Credit, our knowledgeable service team compiled this brief overview of belts, hoses, what they are and their importance.

What are Belts?

Belts are serpentine straps made of various materials that stretch into and out of different car systems. In fact, the serpentine is one such belt associated with classic gas-powered engines. The serpentine belt controls the rotations of the crankshaft and camshaft, ensuring their timing remains synchronized.

It's the timing that controls timely piston motion. This directly affects intake and exhaustion. Efficient intake and exhaustion keeps the steering, drivetrain and wheel torque working as expected.

What are Hoses?

Like a garden hose, car hoses carry fluids back, forth and throughout your vehicle. These fluids include engine coolant, transmission oil, water and fuel. Depending on the make and model year, belts or hoses might shoulder the task of conveying pressurized hydraulic fluid that supports proper power steering function.

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