Although fast becoming standard on most vehicles and trims, Apple CarPlay is still fairly new. Daily, our customers at Prestige Auto Credit ask us about Apple CarPlay and its benefits. We selected some highlights for your edification.

The Gist of Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is a built-in standard that connects your iPhone to your vehicle's infotainment platform and in-dash touchscreen. You can pair your smartphone and car wirelessly or via USB. After pairing is complete, your vehicle's in-dash touchscreen showcases a basic mirror of apps, screens and functions on your smartphone.

What You Can You Do

You can do just about anything on your infotainment touchscreen that you might on your iPhone. Consult with Siri, pull up and listen to text messages, make hand's-free calls or rock your favorite daily commute playlist. CarPlay also communicates seamlessly with third-party apps, such as Waze, Audible, Spotify and WhatsApp.

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