Maximizing fuel economy saves money and could extend a vehicle’s life. Some steps to better fuel economy involve little more than bringing the vehicle to Prestige Auto Credit for routine maintenance. For example, aging motor oil might undermine engine performance, which may decrease fuel economy. Perhaps requesting an engine cleaning would be helpful.

Checking a vehicle’s tires seems prudent since underinflated tires might cause drag when moving. So, a car burns more fuel to propel itself around Akron, OH. Underinflated tires wear down faster and present safety issues, too.

Excess weight doesn’t help, either. Extra weight also puts more pressure on an engine, burning extra fuel. Cleaning out a car’s trunk could reduce weight, improving fuel economy.

Driving behaviors count when hoping to use less gasoline. Speeding burns up fuel and increases risks. Driving during rush hour traffic means idling, which also consumes fuel. Adjusting driving behaviors and times may cut fuel consumption.