Is your vehicle in need of a deep cleaning? Then you might have thought about getting your vehicle detailed. Car detailing can be expensive, depending on how much you get done, but it's also possible to detail on your own and get your vehicle looking like new again. Today we're going to share car detailing best practices. 

3 Car Detailing Best Practices

Here are three easy car detailing tips you can implement:

Use a Microfiber Cloth: A microfiber cloth is a perfect solution when it comes to drying your paintwork. A microfiber cloth will get rid of unwanted streaks and give you a professional clean. 

Use Polish: Swirl marks are fine scratches that become visible on the vehicle's surface. Incorporating polish is a great way to remove swirl marks and restore your vehicle's exterior. 

Rinse Before You Wash: Be sure to give your vehicle a quick rinse before you wash it. This will help prevent dirt from swirling around as you clean. 

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