The timing belt might not be a part of a vehicle that most owners are familiar with, but it serves a vital job in the engine. Like many parts, it requires replacing after so many miles of use. Owners should refer to their car’s manual to determine the mileage point before contacting us at Prestige Auto Credit. The maximum mileage might be 100,000 for some.

The timing belt runs on a pulley and helps transfer force to the camshaft, which allows the cylinders to operate properly. The belt might also protect the cylinders since it serves as a buffer.

Although many timing belts can last 100,000 miles, they are made of rubber. Rubber can wear out prematurely or crack, and routine inspections might be helpful.

Some engines could suffer severe damage if a timing belt snaps. A driver who doesn’t replace the timing belt at the right point may find a vehicle stalling in Akron, OH due to severe engine damage.

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