If your car isn't handling as well as it should, it could be that your alignment is off. It's tough to know when this is the case, but we at Prestige Auto Credit can certainly take a look at your vehicle and let you know. You can also look for some of the following signs as you drive.

  • Uneven Tire Wear: Ideally, your tires should all wear down at the same rate. If some of your tires are wearing down faster than others or your tires are all wearing down quickly, your car might be out of alignment.
  • A Crooked Steering Wheel: Your steering wheel should be straight if you're driving in a straight line. If you have to hold your wheel at an angle, there might be a problem with your alignment. Your car might also pull to the left or right when you're trying to go straight.
  • Noisy Steering: A car with poor alignment will be a little noisier than usual, especially when you're turning.
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